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2021.12.19 Lab Christmas party!! Escaping game:)

A qualified professional team busy saving the world!!

From Left to Right:

Tony, Guohao, Mengke,

Sylvia, Sam, Howard

Very devoted, never giving up,

even there is only 1 min 52 secs left :)
From Left to Right:

Guohao, Tony, Sam,

Sylvia, Mengke, Howard

Super happy team, accomplished their job with 30secs to spare :) 

Regular photoGuohao, Ding, Howard, Sylvia, Tony, Sam, Mengke

Circle crop: Tony, Guohao, Howard

2021.12.10 Our microscope room is officially ready!!

Four black-curtained area + One open area! with our sweet Olympus IX83 and self-built magnetic tweezers! So excited with the new journey!!

2021.11.29 Move our optics to the new lab space at ISEB!!

Thanks to our moving team! Spent 3hrs, with countless trips between ET and ISEB! also thanks to the cart lent by our best neighbor, the Liu lab.

From Left to Right:

Mengke, Guohao, Howard,

Sylvia (and Michelle, who is not in the picture)


Thanks to our heros, the UCI facility team!! Set up an optical table > 1,000lbs! 

From Left to Right:

Rolando, Henry

2021.10.06 Very first in person (hybrid) group meeting at ISEB!!

Special memory of the pandemic, as everyone is wearing a mask:)

From Left to Right:

Ding, Thao, Guohao,

Sylvia, Mengke,

Michelle, Howard, Sam,

Nima (on the screen)

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