Fangyuan Ding
Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Center for Complex Biological Systems (CCBS)

Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center (CFCCC) 

Joint-appointment with Department of Developmental and Cell Biology

Joint-appointment with Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences


BS: Nanjing University, Physics

Licence 3: École Normale Supérieure de Paris, Physics

PhD: École Normale Supérieure de Paris, Biophysics

Postdoc: Caltech, Biology and Bioengineering
Email: dingfy at uci dot edu

Grad Students
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Guohao Liang

(from 2021 Mar)

Email: guohaol1

BS: UC Irvine

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Hong Yin

(from 2022 Apr)
Email: yinh15

BS: UC Irvine & SUSTech 

Rotation Students

Thao Nguyen

(2021 Fall Rotation)
Email: thaotn18


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Nima Shirooni

(from 2020 Sep)
Email: nshiroon

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Mengke Wang

(from 2020 Dec)
Email: mengkew

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Omar Ibrahim

(from 2021 Nov)
Email: oibrahi1

Sylvia Chen.jpeg

Xiaojun (Sylvia) Chen

(from 2020 Oct)
Email: xiaojuc

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Michelle Amalraj

(from 2021 May)
Email: mamalraj

Headshot Samantha.jpg

Samantha Sanchez

(from 2020 Nov)
Email: samanas1

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Zihang (Howard) Yan

(from 2021 July)
Email: zihangy3


Ziteng (Tony) Liu

(from 2021 Nov)
Email: zitenl1