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RNA biology and engineering, emerging from basic single-cell research to tool developments for nucleic-acid based therapies, all at the single molecule level

Reveal the spatial and temporal information of single molecules in individual cells
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Cellular behavior depends on the activities of countless individual biomolecules. Compared to population-based methods, the ability to simultaneously perturb and analyze individual molecules provides a more direct and quantitative understanding, and unprecedented insights, of how these molecules function. We are passionate about performing these single molecule studies in individual cells, to quantitatively investigate important but currently inaccessible molecular and cellular biology questions, and then to achieve more predictive cellular manipulation.

Reveal the dynamics and kinetics of single molecules at subnanometer resolution

While single cell studies can reveal the behavior of different molecules in a cellular context, understanding how they perform specific biological function requires an exquisitely detailed view of molecular mechanism. Using a powerful single molecule tool - Magnetic Tweezers, we aim to systematically and quantitatively acquire the dynamics and kinetics of  molecular interactions at a sub-nanometer micro-second resolution, and then to correlate their behaviors in the cellular context and achieve programmable molecular engineering in mammalian cells. 

Develop more sensitive and powerful single molecule tools
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Our interdisciplinary lab integrates diverse approaches (from molecular biology to deep learning, from time-lapse movies to magnetic tweezers, from high-resolution imaging to mammalian cell engineering, from photonics to integrated electronic circuits) and to develop more sensitive and powerful single molecule tools, for probing fundamental biological questions and for biomedical applications.

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