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2023.11.11 Lab Holiday party!! Laser Tag:)
2023.11.11 Zombie 1.jpg
2023.11.11 Zombie 2.jpg

A very qualified team busy killing Zombies!!

From Left to Right:

Guanchen, Linda,

Yicheng, Leevi

Brave and super professional :)

From Left to Right:

Tony, Kenny

Zijie, Hong 

Super happy team, won the game :) 

Regular photo: Zijie, Kenny, Hong, Tony, Ding, Guanchen, Yicheng, Leevi, Linda

Circle crop: Ding, Guanchen, Yicheng, Leevi, Kenny, Hong, Zijie, Tony, Linda

2023.11.11 group.jpg
2023.06.17 Farewell party!!
20230618 group photo2.jpg
20230618 enjoy the food.jpg
20230618 open champaign_edited.jpg

Happy group busy enjoying food and cracking champagne popping tricks :)


Happy graduation! Sylvia, Mengke, Omar and Yao! We will miss you!!!

2022.11.06 Celebrating our DP2 award and early Thanksgiving! 

We are having fun at Hai Di Lao!!

Left: Mengke, Tony, Ding, Thao

Right: Omar, Guohao, Hong

2022.09.23 SCBC poster session 

Our graduate students team present their exciting works!!

From Left to Right: Thao, Guohao, Hong

2022.06.11 Farewell party!!
Image from iOS (3).jpg
Image from iOS (1).jpg

Have a nice new journey at San Diego! Sam, Michelle and Howard, do keep close!! We will miss you! 

From Left to Right: Sam, Mengke, Michelle, Howard, Sylvia, Tony

2022.04.28 Guohao is giving his first seminar!!
2022.04.21 Teaching award reception

Thanks our fantastic team for the support!!

From Left to Right:

Michelle, Omar, Michelle, Tony, Ding, Howard, Sylvia, Sam

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